Free-Standing Vertical Farm


The freestanding concept takes its inpiration from the wall mounted garden with simpler construction components that give you more flexibility in terms of the garden width and height. With the requirement of access to light and for maitenance purposes on all 4 sides, this garden stands out as a strong option particularly if you are planning to set up a farm on small parcels of land with multiple vertical gardens.

The compost extractor and the worm juice extractor make it easy for the users to harvest warm castings and warm tea for application on the crops.

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wood, nylon, steel

Origin of materials:

We only use timber that has official government marking hammers and timber products that are certified by the Forest Steward Council.


We can paint your farm with the color you prefer or with paintings.

Included service:

When you buy a vertical farm you get free agricultural extension services for the first three month.

Payment informations:

Currently we can only integrate a cash payment on delivery automatically in the order process. We are working on automating further payment options in the future.

Delivery informations:

We are able to deliver around Kampala, including districts of Kampala, Wakaso and Mukono. The delivery cost can range from UGX 30.000 to UGX 100,000 depending on the location. Therefore we will be happy to provide detailed information upon request.

If your goods are damaged in transit, we will replace them free of charge.

Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 80 × 160 cm


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